Call for papers

The conference CIMQUSEF21 is soliciting state-of-the-art papers in the field of quality in education.

The Atlantic coast of Africa is a strategic priority for the continent’s development and geopolitical positioning. Africa aims to turn its Atlantic coast which includes 23 countries into a new growth, peace, and prosperity zone. The region holds significant economic potential, but to build a better future it has to develop a strong system of education. So, it’s urgent to address the challenge of education being seen as a means of promoting social and economic prosperity.
For this purpose, the conference CIMQUSEF21 invite researchers and experts to study deeply the educational situation in the Atlantic Coast, in Africa but also in America, in order to suggest innovative ideas able to generate an integrated educational space allowing the sustainable and equitable development of the region.

The list of topics for the 2024 edition of the confrence is as the following:

  1. Transnational leadership
  2. Transnational cooperation
  3. Transnational Curriculum Development
  4. Collaborative Digital Education
  5. Education and Development
  6. Education and Common values
  7. Education and Artificial Intelligence
  8. Geopolitics and Education
  9. Education and Global Peace
  10. Language Diversity
  11. Education and Citizenship
  12. Education and National Identity
  13. Multiculturalism and Social Inclusion
  14. New Schools Models
  15. New Forms of learning
  16. New forms of Assessment
  17. New forms of Teacher Education

Abstracts need to be written in English in addition of the language of the paper, the length of the abstract needs to be between 350 and 500 words. Keywords and References must be included.

Authors willing to submit an abstract are invited to submit it through the online submission system and send a copy to ( Papers may be submitted in English or Arabic.

  • The closing date for submission of abstracts is 31st of July 2024.
  • Languages of the conference: English and Arabic;
  • Each oral communication should not exceed 20 minutes, followed by an exchange of 10 minutes;
  • The best papers will be published in the indexed journal “The Journal of quality in education” edited by the AMAQUEN institute, after the decision of the scientific committee.