The Conference Programme will be available by one month before the Conference.

Our Aims
The Conference aims at bringing together, from all over the world, teachers, pricipals, researchers and experts in the field of education as well as coordinators of international projects on education and research. The conference aims to promote sharing of expertise and experiences through highly interactive and thought-provoking sessions with oral and poster presentations and endless networking opportunities.

Our Scope
The scope of CIMQUSEF21 International Conference on Quality in Education includes, but is not confined, to the following topics:

  1. Transnational leadership
  2. Transnational cooperation
  3. Transnational Curriculum Development
  4. Collaborative Digital Education
  5. Education and Development
  6. Education and Common values
  7. Education and Artificial Intelligence
  8. Geopolitics and Education
  9. Education and Global Peace
  10. Language Diversity
  11. Education and Citizenship
  12. Education and National Identity
  13. Multiculturalism and Social Inclusion
  14. New Schools Models
  15. New Forms of learning
  16. New forms of Assessment
  17. New forms of Teacher Education